Ordinal Instructions

How do I Create a Bl0x Ordinal?

  Great Question!   
To begin, you need to be a Bl0x 1st edition holder. 

You are eligible to inscribe an Ordinal for EACH Bl0x 1st Edition you hold.


Where can I get a Bl0x?

Bl0x 1st Editions can be found on 2 secondary marketplaces:

Ok, Whats Next?

Once you hold your Bl0x in a Blocto Wallet, next its time to request your Ordinal Images. 

These images are issued by the Creator of the project once they have verified the holder.

You can verify your wallet using the Emerald Bot right on the official Bl0x Discord Server.
Follow these steps:

  • Join the Bl0x Discord Server
  • visit the #registration channel and follow prompts to gain access.
  • visit the #bl0x-ownership-verification channel and click the button.  Follow the prompts to connect your Blocto wallet with Emerald Bot.  A role will be assigned
  • visit the #request-ordinals channel, and fill out the request form.

You will receive an email containing your Ordinal Images within 24 hours.  Be patient, as the requests are reviewed and filled manually to ensure accurate disbursement. 

When you receive your images, you can now inscribe them!  

DO NOT share or lose the email to ensure your assets are protected.  There will be key information you will need from it when you Register your Ordinals later.

Once your images are issued, it falls solely on you to inscribe and register your Ordinal IDs to be included in the official collection.

How Do I Inscribe my Ordinal?

Ordinals are Inscribed through a 3rd party service called Gamma.io  

In order to inscribe and hold Ordinals, you will need a specific type of wallet. 

We prefer the XVerse Wallet Extension.
It contains a wallet for making transactions, and a separate wallet for holding your Ordinals and keeping them safe. 

It is compatible with both desktop and mobile.  Including the ability to inscribe easily with your phone. 

They include a great walkthrough resource for using gamma.io

It is important to note,
that inscribing Ordinals is a process you complete yourself and it does cost in Bitcoin. 

The typical cost to inscribe a Bl0x:
Between $10.00 and $20.00 USD in Bitcoin

Know your Bitcoin Addresses

  • Ordinal Addresses: begin with a “bc”
  • Bitcoin addresses: (Used for transactions) are a series of numerical digits.

Both can be accessed from your Xverse Wallet  

DO NOT Send your Ordinal to your Bitcoin address, 

Additionally, it is important that you do your due diligence and take your time in the process.  

I Received my Inscription ID! Am I finished?

Almost!  The last thing that needs to be done is to be done is to register.

This is so the project creator can verify it to have it listed on the secondary markets as an Official Bl0x Ordinal.

Simply fill out this form and allow the records to be updated and submitted!  You are done!