FLOW Onboarding

FLOW Onboarding

New to Web3?  Or just new to the Flow Blockchain?
Either way, Don’t sweat it!
We are here to help you get connected!

Welcome to the Flow Blockchain and its eco-system. Home of the Bl0x NFT Collection!

We wanted to offer you a simple and comprehensive way to set up your Web3 wallets, and how to load it with FLOW so you can get in on the action.

Step 1: Download and install the Blocto Wallet App

  1. First, visit your favorite Phone app store and download the Free Blocto wallet.
    (Keep in mind this works best as a phone app.)
  2. Next, Enter the email you want to assign to your wallet to and press “create”
  3. Lastly, it will send a Verification Code to your email that you will enter into the Blocto verification prompt. You are inside your very own web3 wallet, its that easy!

    *Pro-tip: To find your wallet address in the app, click on “wallet” at the bottom. Then click on the green square showing FLOW currency. At the top left, you will see a copy link with a long “0x” number. This is your address. You will need it for transfers and exchanges.

Step 2: Loading FLOW Currency

FLOW is the native token (Coin) on the Flow Blockchain and is used as currency to purchase a number of digital products and services. It is what you will use to purchase and mint Bl0x NFTs.

New services are provided all the time as the technology continues to develop. But currently, the best options for purchasing FLOW and adding it to your Blocto wallets are the following:

Moonpay: Can be used directly through the Blocto Wallet and will allow you to purchase FLOW via Debit or CC. There have been issues with approval depending on a number of factors through the methods they use to verify their users. Most of them having to do with select states within and some countries outside of the US. In other words, there is a possibility that this will not be your best option to purchase FLOW. But it is certainly the most convenient if you are approved through their verification.

Kraken Exchange: For all others who cannot verify through Moonpay, Kraken Exchange is your best option. They verify identity quickly and easily and allow for purchase of FLOW and many other currencies with your Fiat Debit Card, CC, or bank account.

*If purchased through Kraken Exchange:
You will need to transfer the FLOW you purchased to your Blocto Wallet.
This step is rather simple. You can find the how to here

Step 3: Connect to a marketplace

After you have received your FLOW in your Blocto Wallet, you are able to buy and mint Bl0x NFTs!
As well as get involved in a variety of other Projects found on the Flow Blockchain.

The Place to start is Matrix Market,  Or .find
Simply visit the site, Connect your wallet and click Buy on your favorite Bl0x listed on the secondary marketplace, or click Mint to create a new one (when available).

This will begin the transaction Process.
It will prompt you for approval of the transaction and complete it once you have authorized it to do so.
Next, you can view your NFT in your Profile Collection under “Owned”

Congratulations! And Welcome to the Bl0x community!