BL0x Ordinals

Bl0x Ordinals

Bl0x Ordinals are a new asset on the scene. 
Ordinals are not NFT, they are digital artifacts inscribed on the Bitcoin Blockchain.  

Once inscribed, the image will live and exist directly on-chain and will become immutable. 
In other words, no human hands can change or tamper with it ever again.  

Inscribe and Register

If you are the official holder of a Bl0x 1st edition, we are offering you the option to inscribe an Ordinal Version as well.

Ordinals are digital artifacts that live directly on the Bitcoin Bl0ckchain,  adding a new and coveted asset to your portfolio.

Refer to the instructions to learn how to get started. 

Or, if you are well on your way to inscribing your Bl0x Ordinals, use the Register Ordinal link to add it to the officially verified collection.

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